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Why ISIS Is Planning Attacks In India

It has become perfectly clear to us that the ultimate goal of ISIS is to attack and cripple the United States. Thanks to IBM, AT&T, CHI, Anne Inc., Microsoft And A Whole List of Other American Companies who have outsourced their IT departments to India, the opportunity to do just that has been handed to them on a silver platter.
India is truly the Holy Grail to ISIS because so much of our Critical Infrastructure is now controlled from there. In previous articles I’ve talked about how America’s IT infrastructure is vulnerable to attack through India. In this article I will detail what I consider to be the most likely strategies groups such as ISIS will use to achieve that goal. But before I do that I want to emphasize that any ISIS attack will likely involve a combination of several strategies to maximize damage and loss of life.

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01. The first and most obvious mode of attack is likely to be the recruitment of employees who are already working inside an IT support center. Given the relatively low wages paid in India and the high potential that ISIS members and or sympathizers are already in place inside these control centers this would be the easiest way for ISIS to initiate attacks on U.S. Infrastructure.

The Method of Attack. There are two main attack strategies that are easiest to employ. One where an admin creates a number of fictitious Active Directory Admin accounts using IBM Endpoint Manager or SCCM and granting VPN privileges. This would enable an attacker to brick thousands of computers, and mobile devices simply by running a fairly uncomplicated PowerShell script. Essentially the attacker would initiate a script that would delete the boot files inside the operating system and reboot the machine. Once the reboot cycle is initiated the machine would be rendered useless. Two, use the same approach to simply wipe the device and reboot. With an empty hard drive again any computer will be rendered useless. These methods are really simple ways to kill computers remotely. I will talk about more sophisticated attack methods in later installments.

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02. Direct Armed Assault. A direct armed assault on an IT control center would be difficult to achieve but could be accomplished under certain circumstances. The most likely scenario would be if the territory where the IT Control center is located were to be occupied by ISIS fighters.
The Method of Attack. The methods of attack are quite simple. A combination of brute force which could include battering rams, explosives, armored vehicles and internal cooperation are used until the facilities security measures are defeated. Once inside the building its relatively easy to use the support centers equipment to shut down computer networks in any number of U.S. Locations. Factually speaking millions of computers, mobile devices, servers and networking devices can be rendered useless in a matter of minutes. I emphasize that the most desirable methods of attack leave facilities intact so they can be used to initiate further attacks.

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The Scope of the Damage. In the space of a few minutes any business that depends on an extensive computer network (Walt-Mart, Kroger) can be brought to a standstill. If the attack is focused on one or more of the IBM facilities in Hyderabad. By attacking IBM, it is possible to cripple AT&T which means shutting down Cellular Communications, Internet Communications, & Home Phone Services, plus a whole host of other critical services supported by the internet.

Loss of Internet Service over wide geographic areas could cripple Emergency Services. Essential Infrastructure such as Electricity and Water as well as Sewage. Would be hit the hardest. 911 Call centers would be immobilized cutting off access to ambulance service, fire services, police, and traffic control. These services alone will leave the government with no alternative but to enact martial law to contain the resulting chaos. Imagine every traffic light in town knocked out during rush hour. accidents everywhere, with no way to call for help.

Loss of Internet Service will also guarantee that stores will be unable to sell products to the public. When you realize that stores now depend on the internet for every electronic transaction it’s easy to see how bad it can get fast. Even if you have cash it’s going to be worthless because nearly all stores ring up every sale on an internet connected cash register which will be useless under the above circumstances. We already know what can happen when the Food Stamp system goes down even for a short amount of time. This would be a million times worse.

Businesses Will Be Shut Down. Gas stations won’t be able to sell gas and if they don’t have electricity there may be no way to pump gas from their underground storage tanks. Even if the gas station has a backup generator it will eventually run out of something to sell because in a crises people go into panic mode fast and this will be no exception. Also once the gas runs out there will be no way to get more because the supply chain is also dependent on the internet.

Why an Attack Based In India Is So Dangerous. To start with we need to point out that it took years to move all our IT control centers to India. And in the event of an attack on our tech infrastructure those control centers have become inseparable from our stateside technology. Once ISIS has control of a facility in India we simply have no easy way to take control from here. Additionally, restoring millions of computers servers and mobile devices requires a minimal infrastructure and must in most cases be done on machine at a time by a tech in person on site. Moving our IT Infrastructure back stateside would be a monumental task in the best of times but now its almost impossible.

Since IBM has fired almost all of its desk side support personnel in the U.S. there is almost no one left to tackle the task of relocation and restoration. And even then IT recruiters depend on some basic infrastructure to mobilize manpower. Separated personnel would need to be on boarded and that would be nearly impossible once the basic infrastructure is unavailable. 

Collateral Damage Its also commonly understood that once critical infrastructure goes down riots and looting happen which makes restoration of services even more difficult. In any case the government would absolutely lose control and have to declare martial law. This is the most dangerous part of the disaster.

The Best Ways to Avoid All the Above !

01.Bring our IT Control centers back to the U.S and put American IT Professionals back to work protecting America. We need to do this before its too late !

02. Stop U.S. Companies from placing sensitive infrastructure control centers in dangerous territories. Putting our IT control centers in India was an insane idea to start with and it has put us all in danger. This has to stop now!

03. Enforce our existing laws limiting the export of sensitive technology overseas. This should be a no brainer, but apparently many U.S. Companies have been getting away with murder lately and the laws are not being evenly enforced.

Everything I’ve said in this article is based on my 16 years of experience in spanning in 3 countries. I’ve seen the shape our IT infrastructure is in firsthand and its appalling. America has been betrayed by its own government and its greedy corporate elitists who only care about filling their own pockets.

It’s Time To Fight Back.  

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Monday, June 20, 2016

Southern Comfort Isnt Quite What You Think It Is

A lot has been said about the many things Bill and Hillary Clinton have managed to keep hidden over the years, however none of it comes as much of a surprise to native southerners. To those who grew up in the small towns in Kentucky, Tennessee and Arkansas secrets and deception are a fact of life you simply accept as given. I grew up in Kentucky which as far as blind politics go is about as deep in the game as it gets regarding shady deals and corruption. Back In The Day a vote could be bought for a half pint of whiskey, and that in a supposed dry county. The simple fact is if you expect to get anywhere in Southern Politics you have to have the support of the crooked establishment. If you’re not in the good ole boy network the chances of rising above your caste is pretty bleak.

For those on the right side of the tracks it’s simply understood that as one rises through the ranks certain things will be forthcoming. The perks of position and power play a duel role in that they motivate certain individuals to fall into line and provide a control mechanism when these individuals fail to tow the line. For example; if a local official forgets his place in the pecking order and starts to step outside his preset boundaries a few key secrets could be leaked to key persons in the media. Of course the media itself is often owned by the establishment so dropping a few breadcrumbs is as easy as making a phone call.

Politics is about corruption and privilege. Grass is Green & Politicians Are Crooks. In Kentucky there are two classes of people. The Very Rich & The Very Poor. There is no middle class. But here I digress. For all the attention the Clinton s have received over the years Little Rock is by no means unique in the world of southern politics. Examples abound: Somerset Kentucky in Pulaski County has a storied of Bootleggers and Drug dealers going back to the days of prohibition. For perspective, the upper class citizenry are clustered in Somerset (The County Seat) in the north and the poorest of the poor clustered in the Tateville Community in the southern tip of the county.

Somerset is a lovely town full of Southern charm and dotted with pristine rows of antebellum homes with perfectly manicured lawns while Tateville was essentially a White Ghetto. Tateville was in the day the stronghold of the bootleggers, drug dealers and houses of prostitution. There were three major crime families that dominated the area in the 1940s 50s and 60s. These families were in league with city and county officials including several county sheriffs who were also the most notorious customers of the infamous Tateville Madam herself. Please forgive me for not naming names here, if you grew up there in the 60s and 70s you already know who I'm talking about.

Of course wherever you have secular political corruption you will have religious perversion as well. Honestly, Pulaski County's Occult history makes the Bohemian Grove seem like a boy-scout lodge by comparison. When referring to occult history I’m talking about several elements, primarily the Masons, but it’s pretty well know that Witchcraft has played a prominent role in shaping politics overall. Finally, the large established Churches have always played a major role in shaping the political landscape. We often say the Devil sits front row center on Sunday Morning.

The two faces of Eldred M. Taylor. Whilst the pastor of the First Baptist Church in Somerset preached fiery sermons against the evils of strong drink he owned two or three bars in nearby Richmond Kentucky/Rockcastle County which was wet at the time. This isn’t news though. As common sense would indicate, making the sale of alcohol illegal in certain areas inevitably drives traffic to nearby areas where it is legal. It also creates a vast black market ala the bootleggers, who naturally charge higher prices because there is a real or perceived risk involved in the transport of illegal substances.

The bootleggers simply drove over to the nearest wet county and drove back with a load of liquor and beer which would then be resold with an appropriate markup. A similar relationship exists between the U.S. and Mexico regarding Marijuana. Like the aforementioned southern baptist preachers drug cartels spend millions of dollars to influence our elected officials to keep certain things illegal. And as I stated previously churches played a major role in making sure prohibition remained firmly in place. In some infamous cases law enforcement made token busts on bootleggers but these were often just for show. Some photos were published in the newspapers showing law enforcement posing with cases of beer and whiskey, but the stuff was usually returned to the owners or distributed to county officials as tribute.

In the South, religion and politics are one and the same. The Churches themselves were locally famous for sexual perversion practiced in the name of Jesus. The most infamous being the congregation of one CC Hinton of Somerset. It was said that this fine upstanding man of God engaged in sexual activities in the Church sanctuary with deacon’s wives and with the full knowledge of their husbands who were all actively aware of what was going on. People seem to think Bill and Hillary invented something new but such thinking is na├»ve at best. If anything Bill Clinton s exploits were mild compared to some of his more infamous contemporaries. Cults where Women traded sexual favors for the holy blessings of church leaders while shocking to the uninitiated have always been a staple of the political and religious elite.

Of course wherever you find organized crime and exploitation you find murder, arson, and extortion. No shock here, but there were a number of famous unsolved murders in Tateville in those years. Tateville was so infamous that insurance companies refused to insure homes in the area because the losses commonly due to arson were too high to justify. Pulaski County as a whole is a tourist berg with the main hub of activity centered in Burnside which has always touted itself as the only town on Lake Cumberland, noting that Tourism has always been the bread and butter of the area. Perfectly centered between Somerset and Tateville it was the natural hole in the wall for that unique fetish that just had to be fulfilled. It’s not hard to see that where you have tourists you will naturally have both legal and illegal forms of entertainment.

The availability of alternative forms of entertainment has never hurt the tourist industry. In the day the well-heeled tourist could go out for some early morning fishing and a Cock fight in the evening with no shortage of teenage girls and boys as midday snacks Burnside was a Pedo Paradise supported by a vast corrupt and perverted social structure underpinned by an equally corrupt political structure. One hand washes the other. In the larger picture there is balance and symmetry to all of it. If you Think New York City is the ultimate example of weirdness and perversion you ain't seen nothing until you've lived in The South.

Trust me folks Bill and Hillary could school Satan himself on the finer points of sin and vice. If it can be imagined they've done it, or enabled it. Still, what you see on the surface is only what you are allowed to see. Reality goes much deeper than that and what you can’t see is much deeper and darker than you can possibly imagine.

It’s just the tip of the iceberg. However, on rare occasions that jagged spire has been known to sink a supposedly unsinkable ship. The powers that be are insidious but they do make mistakes and miscalculations. In the end there most formidable challengers have always been the legions of common people who are periodically tossed out of The Matrix. Together we form the jagged tip of the iceberg and like a giant sword will send the Globalist titan back to the depths from which it came. Bring The Wave !

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Fatal Flaw In American IT Infrastructure

On a sleepy Sunday afternoon in 2012 I was in my office at AT&T monitoring communications when I received a quick text message from my site focal asking me if I wanted to make some extra cash. At first I thought it was just a message that had been sent the previous Friday that I’d somehow missed. I replied thinking nobody was going to answer after all it was Sunday, but to my surprise I got an immediate reply. I was told that there were about 10 computers down in the building across the street and I needed to locate them and apply a very specific fix that couldn’t be applied remotely because these computers were hard down. This was a 4 story building with 4 call centers so I realized that the task of locating these 10 computers would be too difficult for one person, so I called in my partner and had flash drives prepped with the fix in hand when he arrived. To our surprise there wasn’t just 10 computers down, there were in fact 300, and this was just the tip of the iceberg. The entire outage was spread across 5 or 6 states and involved a total of 30,000 computers. How did this happen, and why was it so dangerous?  A simple scripting error caused four key windows files to be deleted from every affected machine during a normal remote update operation. Once the affected machines were rebooted remotely every single one failed. In less than a minute over 30,000 computers were rendered completely inoperable, and remote support was totally useless. And this was considered to be a small outage. That was in 2012 when IBM had a legion of contractors to touch each machine and get it back up and running. Now nearly four years later the IBM support team is a ghost of what it was in 2012. All our jobs have been outsourced to India and when the next outage happens there will be total chaos. This is significant because AT&T is still the communications backbone of the country. When AT&T goes down its going to trigger a domino effect of infrastructure failures that will take down vital services from coast to coast, and there is no one left to mount a rescue.The most obviously affected services are going to be cellphone communications and internet access this is a given. You may think "Well I don't have AT&T as my cellphone carrier or my internet provider so how does that affect me ? Well that depends on where you are. If your in an area that isn't directly covered by your native cell carrier you are probably roaming onto the AT&T network and don't even know it. Okay, so that covers cellphone service, but what about internet ? And wasn't Ma Bell broken up back in the 80s ? Well Yes and No. Building a national communications network isn't easy and while AT&T was technically broken up over antitrust issues this just opened up the telecommunications market to a large group of re-sellers. The infrastructure didn't change. The exceptions are companies like Verizon who actually have their own networks.  Beyond internet and cellphone services, collateral services such as VOIP would be impacted. If your office uses Cisco phones you will likely have no phone services. This actually happened in 2015 when a major communications hub at AT&T went down triggering an outage that knocked out internet and phone services over several states. That outage took down T Mobile as well as a number of other cell carriers in one hit.  The point I'm trying to make here is that the infrastructure we rely on to provide our internet, cell phone service, office phone services, life saving emergency services such as in every major hospital in The U.S. is as fragile as an eggshell. It only takes a small scripting error to kill a million remotely serviced computers and its not a matter of if but when its going to happen. Controlling vast computer networks with SCCM or IBM Endpoint Manager is great but when individual clients are inoperable the system is fatally flawed.  In the case of a technical error a single tech running scripts on SCCM can kill several million computers in seconds.  But what if someone set out to cause an outage on purpose? That's not so far fetched. IBM has a call center in Hyderabad India and an attack could easily be launched from there with little effort. In fact the people working in Hyderabad are well placed to launch crippling attacks from within our infrastructure. Yes I said From Within. Such an operation isn't technically a hack its an inside job because IBM India controls AT&T.  We have no idea who these people are and there is no meaningful way to find out who they are. In a country whose population is set to be dominated by Muslims this is insane. All ISIS needs to do to make a decisive strike on American infrastructure is to infiltrate IBM in India. When that happens our worst enemies will be able to kill millions in a single strike.  Nearly everything we do every day depends on our IT infrastructure and to realize that an attacker can knock us out with a single line of code should scare you out of your mind. By infiltrating IBM India ISIS can easily take down our Power Grid, our Air Traffic Control System, our Water Treatment Facilities, our Mass Transit System. They can disrupt Police Communications, Television & Radio because both are now almost exclusively digital. And finally 911 Emergency Services.  And apparently corporate America doesn't care, because they have crippled our ability to respond to such a crises by deliberately and methodically firing millions of skilled American IT professionals guaranteeing the we wont have the ability to respond when the attack finally comes.