Monday, June 20, 2016

Southern Comfort Isnt Quite What You Think It Is

A lot has been said about the many things Bill and Hillary Clinton have managed to keep hidden over the years, however none of it comes as much of a surprise to native southerners. To those who grew up in the small towns in Kentucky, Tennessee and Arkansas secrets and deception are a fact of life you simply accept as given. I grew up in Kentucky which as far as blind politics go is about as deep in the game as it gets regarding shady deals and corruption. Back In The Day a vote could be bought for a half pint of whiskey, and that in a supposed dry county. The simple fact is if you expect to get anywhere in Southern Politics you have to have the support of the crooked establishment. If you’re not in the good ole boy network the chances of rising above your caste is pretty bleak.

For those on the right side of the tracks it’s simply understood that as one rises through the ranks certain things will be forthcoming. The perks of position and power play a duel role in that they motivate certain individuals to fall into line and provide a control mechanism when these individuals fail to tow the line. For example; if a local official forgets his place in the pecking order and starts to step outside his preset boundaries a few key secrets could be leaked to key persons in the media. Of course the media itself is often owned by the establishment so dropping a few breadcrumbs is as easy as making a phone call.

Politics is about corruption and privilege. Grass is Green & Politicians Are Crooks. In Kentucky there are two classes of people. The Very Rich & The Very Poor. There is no middle class. But here I digress. For all the attention the Clinton s have received over the years Little Rock is by no means unique in the world of southern politics. Examples abound: Somerset Kentucky in Pulaski County has a storied of Bootleggers and Drug dealers going back to the days of prohibition. For perspective, the upper class citizenry are clustered in Somerset (The County Seat) in the north and the poorest of the poor clustered in the Tateville Community in the southern tip of the county.

Somerset is a lovely town full of Southern charm and dotted with pristine rows of antebellum homes with perfectly manicured lawns while Tateville was essentially a White Ghetto. Tateville was in the day the stronghold of the bootleggers, drug dealers and houses of prostitution. There were three major crime families that dominated the area in the 1940s 50s and 60s. These families were in league with city and county officials including several county sheriffs who were also the most notorious customers of the infamous Tateville Madam herself. Please forgive me for not naming names here, if you grew up there in the 60s and 70s you already know who I'm talking about.

Of course wherever you have secular political corruption you will have religious perversion as well. Honestly, Pulaski County's Occult history makes the Bohemian Grove seem like a boy-scout lodge by comparison. When referring to occult history I’m talking about several elements, primarily the Masons, but it’s pretty well know that Witchcraft has played a prominent role in shaping politics overall. Finally, the large established Churches have always played a major role in shaping the political landscape. We often say the Devil sits front row center on Sunday Morning.

The two faces of Eldred M. Taylor. Whilst the pastor of the First Baptist Church in Somerset preached fiery sermons against the evils of strong drink he owned two or three bars in nearby Richmond Kentucky/Rockcastle County which was wet at the time. This isn’t news though. As common sense would indicate, making the sale of alcohol illegal in certain areas inevitably drives traffic to nearby areas where it is legal. It also creates a vast black market ala the bootleggers, who naturally charge higher prices because there is a real or perceived risk involved in the transport of illegal substances.

The bootleggers simply drove over to the nearest wet county and drove back with a load of liquor and beer which would then be resold with an appropriate markup. A similar relationship exists between the U.S. and Mexico regarding Marijuana. Like the aforementioned southern baptist preachers drug cartels spend millions of dollars to influence our elected officials to keep certain things illegal. And as I stated previously churches played a major role in making sure prohibition remained firmly in place. In some infamous cases law enforcement made token busts on bootleggers but these were often just for show. Some photos were published in the newspapers showing law enforcement posing with cases of beer and whiskey, but the stuff was usually returned to the owners or distributed to county officials as tribute.

In the South, religion and politics are one and the same. The Churches themselves were locally famous for sexual perversion practiced in the name of Jesus. The most infamous being the congregation of one CC Hinton of Somerset. It was said that this fine upstanding man of God engaged in sexual activities in the Church sanctuary with deacon’s wives and with the full knowledge of their husbands who were all actively aware of what was going on. People seem to think Bill and Hillary invented something new but such thinking is na├»ve at best. If anything Bill Clinton s exploits were mild compared to some of his more infamous contemporaries. Cults where Women traded sexual favors for the holy blessings of church leaders while shocking to the uninitiated have always been a staple of the political and religious elite.

Of course wherever you find organized crime and exploitation you find murder, arson, and extortion. No shock here, but there were a number of famous unsolved murders in Tateville in those years. Tateville was so infamous that insurance companies refused to insure homes in the area because the losses commonly due to arson were too high to justify. Pulaski County as a whole is a tourist berg with the main hub of activity centered in Burnside which has always touted itself as the only town on Lake Cumberland, noting that Tourism has always been the bread and butter of the area. Perfectly centered between Somerset and Tateville it was the natural hole in the wall for that unique fetish that just had to be fulfilled. It’s not hard to see that where you have tourists you will naturally have both legal and illegal forms of entertainment.

The availability of alternative forms of entertainment has never hurt the tourist industry. In the day the well-heeled tourist could go out for some early morning fishing and a Cock fight in the evening with no shortage of teenage girls and boys as midday snacks Burnside was a Pedo Paradise supported by a vast corrupt and perverted social structure underpinned by an equally corrupt political structure. One hand washes the other. In the larger picture there is balance and symmetry to all of it. If you Think New York City is the ultimate example of weirdness and perversion you ain't seen nothing until you've lived in The South.

Trust me folks Bill and Hillary could school Satan himself on the finer points of sin and vice. If it can be imagined they've done it, or enabled it. Still, what you see on the surface is only what you are allowed to see. Reality goes much deeper than that and what you can’t see is much deeper and darker than you can possibly imagine.

It’s just the tip of the iceberg. However, on rare occasions that jagged spire has been known to sink a supposedly unsinkable ship. The powers that be are insidious but they do make mistakes and miscalculations. In the end there most formidable challengers have always been the legions of common people who are periodically tossed out of The Matrix. Together we form the jagged tip of the iceberg and like a giant sword will send the Globalist titan back to the depths from which it came. Bring The Wave !

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